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A note from the Executive Director...

Scholarship applications for Summer 2016 are currently being reviewed and awarded.  Applicants will receive confirmation of

their status via standard mail

no later than May 15th.

Over the past two years of existence, Beyond Words Foundation for Autism has awarded over $30,000 to families in Ohio with children with autism.  When I started this Foundation, my goal was to award to any student in the state of Ohio and eventually make this a national foundation.  I soon realized how difficult this process was for not only myself, but also the Board of Directors who have volunteered countless hours away from their family to fundraise and hold meetings to help me make this dream come true.  

There is no one on payroll or in a position where this Foundation is their full-time job.  Our Board of Directors consists of individuals in the sales, marketing, medical, educational and therapeutic professions.  Many of the people who have donated are our friends and family, who have loved to help and participate to make this Foundation what it is today.  However, it is time for us to revisit additional fundraising strategies, compile a list of volunteers outside our immediate circle of friends and reorganize responsibilities to help sustain the existence of this unique non-profit.  

Please do not mistake this notice as a termination of Beyond Words Foundation for Autism, but a chance to meet and regroup.  I've decided to suspend the Fall and Winter Scholarships for this coming year to give allow us time to continue our most successful fundraisers, but relook at the difficulties we've encountered with growing bigger.  I appreciate your patience with this process and know that there are children who may not receive services within this time frame because of a lack in funding, but I know that our Foundation could not continue if we didn't take this time.  

So again, I apologize if your family was hoping to apply right now, but please don't give up on us and check back for more information.  If you want to hear immediate information, please like us on Facebook and I'll be sure to keep you up to date on that social media forum.

Thank you!

Erin Jester


2016 Scholarships